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Yale Daily News reviews
September 16, 2011, 5:32 pm
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Yale Daily News reviewed every show of this year’s Elm City PopFest. I’m glad that Yale made the effort to get involved in this year’s events. This is a step in the right direction for ECPF as we try to embrace all parts of the New Haven music community. Thanks to Chantel Simpson.

From Elm City PopFest kicks off at BAR with a bang:
“… The night ended with Eternal Summers. The leading lady’s seductively dreamy vocals fought over the fast-paced chaos that was the rest of the band. At times, they sounded dark and surreal, and at others they gave off a more summery, surf-rock feel. Whatever direction they took, though, my feet would spontaneously start tapping. It was a good night.”

From Elm City PopFest Day 2: Rocking Popeye’s:
“… Next up is EULA, and lead singer Alyse is howling. She’s … growling. She turns away from the crowd to face the drummer, banging her head to the beat. He smiles as her hair flies, and they feed off of each other. Eula is a loud mélange of punk, metal, and the spunk of the riot grrrl era. Still, somehow it’s a little too reserved.”

From Elm City PopFest continues, makes reporter dance:
“… The Reducers knew how to put on a show. The simplicity of the lyrics mixed with an upbeat tempo in their opener — “Yeah, Yeah, Alright, Come’on” — invoked feelings of nostalgia for the past: any one of any generation could have enjoyed their music. Everyone, of all ages raced to fill the open space in front of the stage to dance and sing-along. Even the quiet couple sitting at a table against the wall — him in his suit with the tie still tightened around his collar, her in business attire — were overcome by a feeling that had them up on their feet, racing to the dance floor to join the mix of those clad in leather jackets with crazy buttons and denim. That moment really summed up the experience.”

From PopFest saved the best for last:
“… Yale’s own Jamestown, The First Town in America opened the final night of Elm City PopFest at Café Nine. The seven members were crammed on stage, forming a cluster of melodic energy that projected beautifully crafted songs and perfectly synchronized melodies. When the lead singer twisted his face to belt out each word, he seemed to be reaching deep inside himself to deliver the poetic lyrics that soulfully rolled off his tongue. Every solo was moving; every harmony, heartfelt. Jamestown was definitely the best band I’ve seen at the PopFest in all four nights.”


Reviews and previews from CT Indie
May 26, 2010, 2:53 pm
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The Wee Bees

Steven Deal

Roxanne from Veronica Falls

Boy Genius w/ Mr. Ray Neal

(Photos by Bob Rock)

Thanks to CT Indie blog for covering ECPF so extensively.

Elm City PopFest; Day One Review by Bob Rock
Elm City PopFest Day Three by Elise Granata

ECPF review in New Haven (and Hartford) Advocate

(BoL with Mark Mulcahy at ArtSpace New Haven May 15, 2010)

A nice review of The Butterflies of Love set at Elm City PopFest is already online at both New Haven Advocate and Hartford Advocate. Thanks to Dan Barry.

Ear Might; 5/20/10 The Butterflies of Love at Elm City PopFest

“What is it about good rock that makes you want to do a shitload of drugs? Slow and lo-fi, with a deep groove and a muddy texture, the Butterflies of Love are the sonic equivalent of a big satisfying bong rip. Tweefort/February Records, which booked them as Saturday’s headliner at this past weekend’s Elm City PopFest, must have a very flexible definition of “pop.” The Butterflies, whose set followed NYC boy-girl keyboard pop outfit The Secret History, pulled off quite a coup. They’re arguably the most downtempo band on the entire festival bill and yet they seemed to be Saturday night’s biggest draw. At any other concert, such a disparity between consecutive acts would usually send people through the exit in droves. But the Butterflies started playing and, drug-like, we were entranced, trapped in amber.”

ECPF on Hartford Examiner
May 19, 2010, 12:31 pm
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Thanks to Vincent Bator for the nice writeup: Elm City PopFest redux

Press for ECPF
May 12, 2010, 5:04 pm
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ECPF is getting noticed … lots of features on local blogs and a huge write-up in New Haven’s alt-weekly The New Haven Advocate. Thanks to everyone who has given ECPF a mention.

Here’s the Advocate story by Mike Sembos: Indie pop powers

Also check out the huge write up by Bob Rock on the CT Indie blog: Elm City PopFest Preview

Thanks also to Sound Check, Inkwell Press (who we mentioned earlier), CT Scenic, New Haven Music and Oxygen Ashtray.

Anyone I forgot? It’s not too late to get something up on your blog if you feel the urge.

EDIT May 14, 2010: Short write-up in The New Haven Register from Pat Ferrucci: Combo Platter

May 10, 2010, 1:34 pm
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We’ve been making the round to various local radio stations promoting Elm City PopFest. We’ve already hit WYBCX with Jef Wilson on The Jef Sessions. Sunday night we were on The Local Band Show with Rick Allison and James Velvet. This morning I’ll be calling in to WPKN’s CONNECTICUT ROCKS with Bobby D. Thursday I’ll be calling in to WESU’s Homegrown with Rob DeRosa.

Tune in to WPKN 89.5 at 10 a.m. this morning to catch CT ROCKS with Bobby D. And if you miss it, check the archive here.

Tune in Thursday at 5 p.m. for Homegrown with Rob DeRosa on WESU 88.1.

Check out the archive of The Local Band Show here.

May 7, 2010, 5:11 pm
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I will be on WYBCX plugging the popfest on The Jef Sessions with Jef Wilson tomorrow (Saturday) at noon. Tune in to hear a lot of the bands that will be performing next weekend. Listen online here: WYBCX

Thanks to Jef Wilson and East Rock Recording Studio.